Introduction to Permaculture Course (IPC)

Will be held at the Sukamulya demonstration site and will cover essential hands-on sustainable land management and regenerative farming topics such as:

  1. Small scale sustainable land management utilising integrated permaculture design and the permaculture zoning system, including zoning areas for conservation as well as kitchen garden
  2. Water conservation and rain water harvesting management system including: swales, keyline system, rainwater collection and ponds
  3. Organic crop production using companion planting and rotational system
  4. Organic soil fertility management: raised garden beds, no burning hugelkultur method (carbon farming), hot and cold compost production, bio-organic fertiliser production, vermiculture and natural pest management, biochar, biodynamic growing methods
  5. Small management system of animal husbandry integrated with in-house food production with goats, chickens, rabbits, ducks.
  6. Small scale integrated aquaculture management
  7. Waste management, including grey and black water management

The IPC program will cover key theoretical and ethical information using local experienced permaculture trainers. For any enquiries please contact us by clicking our contact button or by scrolling all the way down this page.

School Environmental Awareness and Kitchen Garden program

  1. Our school kitchen garden program will begin in 2016. We will support one local school every 6 months with sessions held twice a month. The program will include:
  2. Consultation with school, design of site, implementation of design,
  3. Theory and practical gardening sessions held with the students (with curriculum adapted into school lessons where possible.)
  4. Conservation awareness through sessions and coordination of additional cultural activities, ie. children’s theatre performance collaboration covering key conservation themes learnt in sessions.
  5. The SKG will build the awareness of children around conservation issues, introduce them to sustainable agriculture and support food security.

Permaculture Design Course (PDC)

Is the internationally recognised certificate giving what you need to create your own permaculture design and implement it. Our courses will be run in both English and Bahasa Indonesian. We are looking to run our first PDC in August 2016 in Central Kalimantan with dates yet to be advised so watch this space and register your interest to attend this course by the following link ‎