Sukamulya Demonstration Site

We are in the process of establishing a permaculture demonstration site in Central Kalimantan- a sustainable and productive system that will provide a model for local people to replicate in their own residences, land and farms. Local farmers and villagers require evidence of a new method of agriculture that is an alternative to destructive slash and burn techniques or require the use of pesticides.

This site includes a local village dwelling and surrounding land – (2200sqm) – and will aim to attain 100% self sufficiency in the first five years. Once established this demonstration site will become a space for permaculture education and training of local and international people with courses beginning in 2016.

This demonstration site is starting to implement the following:

  1. Passively designed retrofitted residence by permaculture principles and additional natural building construction
  2. Small scale land management utilising permaculture zoning system
  3. Water conservation and rain water harvesting management system including: swales, keyline system and ponds
  4. Organic crop production using companion planting and rotational system
  5. Organic soil fertility management: raised garden beds, hugelkultur, hot and cold compost production, bio-organic fertiliser production, vermiculture and natural pest management, biochar, biodynamic growing methods
  6. Nursery and seed bank
  7. Small management system of animal husbandry integrated with in-house food production with goats, chickens, rabbits, ducks
  8. Small scale apiculture management system
  9. Small scale integrated Aquaculture management
  10. Waste management, including grey and black water management
  11. Renewable energy (solar panels and appropriate energy)
  12. Yayasan/foundation office and training room
The master plan, the permaculture design plan for the Sukamulya Permaculture Demonstration Site

The master plan, the permaculture design plan for the Sukamulya Permaculture Demonstration Site

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In 2019 we receive funding from Susila Dharma USA and we are very grateful for this support.